Directed by Matthew LaChiusa


The Cast

Thomas LaChiusa as Carmichael 

Nick Lama as Mervyn

Candice Kogut as Marilyn

Shabar Rouse as Toby

Production Manager

Catherine Burkhart


Stage Manager

Rich Kraemer

Lighting Designer

Katie Ludwig

Costume Designer

Elaine Heckler

Set Design

Thomas LaChiusa

Matthew LaChiusa

 A Behanding In Spokane 

Written By Martin McDonagh

"(Director Matthew) LaChiusa has chosen a fine cast and he has them working at high speed, allowing no cartoon characterizations, keen at underscoring what appealing times exist, adept at emitting cringe and running with it. Thomas LaChiusa is again superb...As Carmichael, he’s perfectly despicable; Candice Kogut and Shabar Rouse are Marilyn and Toby respectively, a slimy couple, made for each other; well-played, physical roles. Stalwart Nick Lama is Mervyn, the wild-card in all of this, delusional - dangerously so - whose mediation skills are suspect." -The Buffalo News

3 Stars-The Buffalo News

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